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Other major sports to bet on online

Of course, online sports betting enthusiasts are not limited to just 4 disciplines. In fact, it is possible to bet on dozens, if not hundreds, of sports and various and varied competitions.

So there is something for everyone! It is practically unthinkable to draw up a complete list of them. Remember that it is possible to bet on sports as confidential or incongruous as arm wrestling, reindeer racing, or rock-paper-scissors competitions... and you will have to get up early to find a bookmaker capable to take bets like this! On the sites of Swedish bookmakers, many much more legitimate – and exciting – sports are in the spotlight - find the best site for betting at

Everything except football! Which sport to bet on in ball sports?

Apart from the round ball, many collective ball sports constitute the great tradition of European sport. Punters follow and bet on these sports that are well established locally and covered by the media:

  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey

Betting on these sports follows different dynamics. For rugby , a sport typically popular in Western Europe and the southern hemisphere, it is rugby sports betting on the 6 Nations Tournament that attracts bettors, more than the national and European leagues.

In basketball , the American championship, the NBA, is at the heart of betting. This global league focuses the attention of all basketball fans in the world. The exploits of the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James and others attract all eyes and the majority of bets. 

For handball , we rather bet on national team competitions. The bets are carried in France by the success of the tricolor golden generations. Tanned, Strong or Experts, the victories of the Blues regularly highlight handball, and bettors follow. 

Motor sports

Motorsport has millions of aficionados. If, like them, you swear by the smell of burnt rubber on the asphalt, or the revving of engines at 15,000 rpm, Formula 1 is waiting for you! In F1, the popular bets are placed on the winners of the races, and in the longer term, on the world champions in the driver and constructor categories.

Formula 1You can of course bet online on other motor sports. Formula E , which appeared a few years ago, is a little cousin of F1, but with 100% electric motors.

MotoGP is the  premier discipline of motorcycle racing. On American soil, two motor sports stand out.

NASCAR is the most followed stock car race that takes place in modified passenger cars.

The single-seater Indycar  is the American counterpart of F1. In Europe, the world rally championship, the WRC , also attracts bettors. This is particularly the case in France, a country with a tradition of excellence in rallying, from champions Didier Auriol to Sébastien Loeb and Sébastien Ogier.

Finally, once a year, online bettors also follow the Dakar rally raid – formerly Paris Dakar – a race with deep French roots.

On which sport to bet in combat sports?

Martial arts and combat sports betting has long been limited to two sports, English boxing and judo. Judo is a very popular sport in France with half a million members. The performances of French judokas and Teddy Riner occasionally arouse the interest of punters. This is the case during major international events and the Olympic Games.

But it is obviously the noble art that holds the upper hand. Boxing  is even a separate sport for bettors. The format of boxing matches does not attract a steady stream of bets throughout the year. But once or twice a year, for the major titles of the WBA, WBC, IBF or WBO belts, we hold our breath.

These fights generate fervor and worldwide attention for a few days. For the biggest meetings, the bettors are therefore in the game. This was the case for the fight of the century which saw Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Manny Pacquiao in 1995

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